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Automated Metering At-A-Glance

Want instant information that can lower your electric bill? Getting timely, accurate data about your electric use is just one of the ways the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in use by Farmers RECC has been making life better for members since AMI was deployed in 2008.

The switch to AMI — commonly called automated meters — isn’t something you’re likely to notice by looking at the meter located outside your home or business. However, this small piece of a larger, technologically advanced system provides efficiencies and information that significantly benefit Farmers RECC’s members.

A few of the ways automated meters are good for you:

  • Accurate measurements. The meters, teamed with computer technology, measure electric use more precisely than older, analog meters. Data is collected hourly and daily so you can track your energy use in real time. Your automated meter enables Farmers RECC to offer prepaid service for your account.
  • Faster outage restoration. The communications capabilities of automated meters give Farmers RECC the ability to pinpoint trouble along power lines, meaning line crews can make repairs more quickly.
  • Less dispatching of trucks. Issues that previously required a co-op employee to make a trip to a member’s property, such as manual meter reading or service connections, can be done remotely. This reduces visits to your property, speeds service and lowers co-op expenses.
  • Improved power quality. Co-op employees can better monitor the grid to improve reliability, efficiency and security. Identifying system inefficiencies can lower the co-op’s operational costs.

You can take a look at your automated meter data via the Your Meter tool available on our website at in the ‘Member Center.’ With this free online service, you can monitor your power consumption 24 hours a day, seven days a week as well as pay your bill, add alerts and other account functions. 


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