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Landfill-Gas-to-Electricity Plant Running at Full Capacity

The Glasgow Landfill-Gas-to-Electricity (LFGTE) Plant is now producing electricity at 100% of the capacity of the generator with the addition of new methane gas collection wells by Glasgow landfill operators and East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC).

The project began as a result of extensive discussion between Farmers RECC and the city of Glasgow. Farmers RECC was interested in the production of energy from renewable sources and the city of Glasgow was interested in capturing the methane gas produced at the landfill. East Kentucky Power owns, operates and maintains the plant. Farmers RECC designed, constructed, operates and maintains facilities that interconnect electrically to the plant. EKPC is purchasing the methane gas from the city to power the generator and Farmers is purchasing all of the renewable energy produced by the facility.

The methane being produced by the project is powering approximately 550 local homes in Farmers RECC’s service territory. The project was designed to be easily expanded as the landfill grows and more methane gas is produced and harvested to support adding an additional generator. In addition, the LFGTE project is providing a backup source of power to the Glasgow Water Company’s recently expanded waste water treatment plant, saving them from having to make a considerable investment to provide their own backup power source.

If anyone is interested in a tour of the Landfill-Gas-to-Electricity Plant, please contact Farmers RECC at (270) 651-2191.

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