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Protect Kids From Electrical Hazards

Accidents can occur when young children have an opportunity to explore their home and unintentionally expose themselves to electrical dangers. Without proper precaution, everyday items such as power strips, space heaters, outlets and cords can pose a threat.

Especially for toddlers and young children, it is a must to childproof your house from electrical hazards. Luckily, this task is easy to do, and it’s usually inexpensive.

Look at your home from a child’s point of view. Get down on the floor and see what is at eye level or within reach of a small child. Don’t forget to check for potential hazards behind tables, dressers and furniture.

Little fingers seem to be attracted to electrical outlets, so be sure and place outlet plug covers on all the ones that are low to the ground.

Store electric bathroom and kitchen appliances – like hair dryers and toasters – out of reach of curious children.

Your home may have a space with many power cords and power bars. Put barriers around this area and tie up loose cords. If you're temporarily using extension cords, hide them behind furniture or use a hide-a-cord device. You can also put electrical tape over unused plug holes on cords.

When using a space heater, establish a 3-foot, kid-free zone, and never put a space heater in a child’s room or leave it untended. Be sure to keep the heater at least 3feet away from furniture, bedding and curtains.

Begin the educational process as soon as your child can crawl and remind the kids in your home to always be safe when dealing with electricity.

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