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Wondering About Winter?

"Ice-laden lines create a beautiful symmetry near a home." Photo: Farmers RECC

It’s understandable that most times of the year it’s not likely that Farmers RECC is at the top of your mind. In fact, we take pride that you can count on our reliable service and our support of the community without thinking twice.

But, when extreme weather hits, especially weather that affects electric service, we also understand that your awareness of Farmers RECC and our ability to restore power quickly and safely will be high.

As we mark the 10th anniversary of the 2009 ice storm that then-Governor Steve Beshear called “the worst disruption of essential services on record in Kentucky,” I am reminded that—as fellow consumer-members of an electric cooperative—we weather storms together, linked by our unique cooperative partnership.

You hear me talk about this all the time, yet many of our neighbors may not understand what it means to be a cooperative or a member of a cooperative. Simply put, the people who receive electric service from an electric cooperative are members of the cooperative. If this issue of Kentucky Living is addressed to you, you are a member of Farmers RECC. This magazine helps us keep you posted on important local information while also pooling our resources with the other 25 electric co-ops in the commonwealth to celebrate the energy of all of Kentucky.

Farmers RECC is led by people like you who live here and who understand and listen to the community. You are not only our customer, you are our neighbor, and you are a member of this cooperative. So, when our line technicians or right-of-way crews show up to restore power or work to prevent disruptions, it’s your fellow members of this community who are on the job.

During weather disasters such as the 2009 ice storm, in addition to our co-op crews working around the clock to repair power lines, more than 1,100 electric co-op employees came from 14 other states to help restore electric service in Kentucky. It’s another great example of the co-op difference that we think helps us serve you.

Winter brings a variety of challenges, from snow and ice to cold temperatures which can increase your energy usage. Don’t forget, the amount of energy you use is what determines the amount of your bill. Farmers RECC is always happy to answer your questions.

In the meantime, our goal is to keep rates as low as possible while working to safely deliver reliable energy. We never know when the next weather event will affect our community, but , thanks to your support, Farmers RECC is prepared.

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