Envirowatts give you the opportunity to make a difference in your community by purchasing a portion of your energy needs from a renewable resource. "Renewable Resource Power" or "Green Power" is electric power that is generated from sources other than "fossil fuels" (coal, natural gas, or fuel oil). Renewable Power sources include wind, hydroelectric, solar, geothermal (heat from below the earth's surface), and bio-energy (wood byproducts, waste produces, or landfill gas.

Renewable energy uses existing and replenishable sources of fuel to produce energy. Many of the sources have no by-products as a result of their use, and some produce by-products that are much less harmful to the environment than if the fuel source itself remains unused and in the environment. This is particularly true of landfill gas, made up mostly of methane gas. Methane is a “green house” gas and some scientists believe it contributes significantly to global warming. By using landfill gas to produce energy, the byproducts of the combustion of this gas are much less of a concern to the environment than letting the methane escape into the atmosphere. Added to this is the positive step of using a previously untapped and wasted energy source. By investing in EnviroWatts you can help your environment by reducing landfill emissions into the atmosphere and preserving fossil fuels.

The Renewable resource power that Farmers RECC will sell is produced from landfill gas utilized in East Kentucky Power’s landfill gas generation units located in various parts of the state. The power may be purchased by any member, residential to commercial, in 100 kilowatt blocks. The price of the power is $2.75 per 100 kilowatt block or $0.0275 per kilowatt hour. Every 100 kilowatt block of Renewable Power any member purchases adds $2.75 to their bill each month and is shown as a separate line item charge on the bill called “Envirowatts Surcharge”. This rate is an addition to the regular rate for power. Farmers RECC is asking participants to agree to a one (1) year contract that is automatically renewed unless the member chooses to cancel on the anniversary date.

To invest in Envirowatts please call (270) 651-2191 to speak to a Farmers RECC representative or visit the Envirowatts website.

Envirowatts Program Tariff

Envirowatts Program Agreement