Driving an electric vehicle has many perks. Now, Farmers RECC has added one more way for you to save!
If you own an EV, you may be eligible to participate in a new pilot program that provides monthly bill credits.
How does it work?

Co-op members sign up to join the program and receive an approval e-mail with instructions on completing the registration process. Once your application is processed, you’ve granted permission for your co-op to receive monthly off-peak charging data from your EV. This transfer of data is collected through a trusted, third-party vendor without any work on your behalf.

All you need to do is simply program your EV when at your home to charge between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. (eastern prevailing time) for all days of the year, while participating in the program. This test program runs through June 30, 2026.

Your co-op will use the charging information to apply a monthly bill credit of $.02 per kWh of off-peak charging completed by your EV while at home.

That’s it! In the event that you need a charge during peak times, no problem. There is no penalty for charging during peak times; you will be billed at your co-op’s normal kWh rate. Plus, you can discontinue participation at any time by contacting your local co-op.


Charging your EV as soon as you arrive home (typically at peak demand times in the early evening), creates a significant demand on your co-op and the grid, resulting in increased cost for the co-op. By delaying your charge time to after 10 p.m., you can reduce the energy demand cost during those peak times. It helps your co-op keep rates low and helps you save money.

Who can participate?
  • Any residential-rate member of participating Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives who charges an EV at home with Level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment (240 volt).
  • Members’ EV must be included in the compatibility list of the energy software platform utilized for this program.

Visit this link to sign up!