East Kentucky Power Cooperative (EKPC) is a not-for-profit generation and transmission electric utility with headquarters in Winchester, Ky. The cooperative is owned and governed by Farmers RECC and 15 other member-owned electricity distribution co-ops. EKPC’s vital mission is to safely generate and transmit affordable, reliable power to these cooperatives serving more than 1 million Kentuckians.

EKPC generates electricity through two coal-fired plants: H.L. Spurlock Station near Maysville and John Sherman Cooper Station near Somerset. They also generate power using combustion turbines (CTs) — fueled by natural gas or fuel oil — at Bluegrass Station in LaGrange and at J.K. Smith Station in Trapp, near Winchester. 

EKPC has embraced the future by building Cooperative Solar Farm One, one of the largest solar projects in Kentucky. Located in Winchester, the 60-acre farm features 32,300 solar panels producing enough electricity for 1,000 Kentucky homes.

EKPC has pioneered six methane-to-electricity plants in Kentucky which generate renewable power from waste methane gas at landfills.  One of the methane-to-electricity plants is located at the Glasgow landfill and Farmers purchases 100% of the plant's output for the grid supplying our member-owners.  


EKPC also purchases hydropower from the federal Southeastern Power Administration from the Laurel Lake dam and Cumberland Lake's Wolf Creek dam. 

Click here for more information about EKPC's generation sources and here for more information about how EKPC uses those generation sources to provide reliable power to their members

In 2018, EKPC’s Board added “sustainability” to the cooperative’s mission statement. For the past year, five employee teams have been gaining a better understanding of the changes taking place in and around the energy industry, changes that will affect EKPC for decades to come. These teams established the following principles and are developing plans to meet them. Like EKPC’s employee-based Safety teams, these Sustainability teams are envisioned to continue functioning into the future, helping EKPC identify and meet key challenges. Sustainability will always be a moving target and this plan will change and evolve. 

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