Tips for Weathering Extended Outages

Farmers RECC works hard to prevent outages from happening, unfortunately, storms and other weather events can still happen, causing hazardous road conditions, downed power lines, and extended power outages. Farmers RECC wants to share a few tips on preparing for and safely weathering extended outages.

  •         If the power goes out, notify Farmers RECC of the outage at 270-651-2191. Have an emergency kit prepared to help you and your family weather the storm and the outage safely and comfortably. Some of the items this kit should include are bottled water, non-perishable food, extra medication, first aid kit, flashlights, a weather radio and extra batteries.
  •         If you or a family member requires life-support equipment such as a respirator, make sure you have an alternate plan to meet medical needs if it will be an extended outage. If you are using an alternative heating source during an outage, know how to use it safely and have all supplies for it gathered.
  •         To protect your circuits and appliances when power is restored, switch off lights and unplug appliances. Leave one light switched on as a quick reminder that the power is restored. 
  •         Only venture outside if absolutely necessary. Downed power lines can be difficult to see. If you must go outside, use caution and treat all downed and hanging lines as if they are energized. Stay away, warn others to stay away, and immediately contact us.
  •         If travel is necessary, be especially cautious driving, and keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Its supplies should include a windshield scraper, a first aid kit, a cell phone charging adaptor, booster cables, a blanket, and a flashlight with extra batteries. 
  •         Never drive over a downed line because that could pull down the pole and other equipment, causing additional hazards. If you see a downed line, do not get out of your car. The safest place is inside the vehicle. Contact Farmers RECC at 270-651-2191 immediately.