Farmers RECC serves more than 26,000 meters across eleven Kentucky counties. Of those meters, approximately 65% are classified as residential.

Are you connecting service to an existing home or business? Our 'Connect Service' section will tell you the appropriate steps to take to become a Farmers RECC member and get your power connected.

Building a new home on Farmers RECC power lines? Let us help you! Farmers RECC offers the services of a trained energy advisor to look over your home building plans and give you energy recommendations that could save you money in the future. We also give you contact information for electrical inspectors in your county and information to set up your Farmers RECC membership. It's all in our 'New Home Construction' section.

Once you have service with Farmers RECC, how can you pay your bill? Our 'Payment Options' section outlines the various ways you can pay your bill, whether it be at one of our locations or from the convenience of your smart phone.

Farmers RECC operates a vigorous Right-of-Way program to find and remove trees and branches that could cause power disruptions. Find out more about this important reliability step and where our Right-of-Way crews are currently working in our 'Right-of-Way' section.

Kentucky residents and businesses enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in the U.S. Get the details about all of them in our 'Rates' section.