Farmers RECC is committed to providing our members with reliable, affordable electric service. We operate a vigorous Vegetation Management program to maintain tree branches and growth that could cause power outages or disruptions in service.  

Farmers RECC uses a method of tree trimming that is good for the overall health of your tree. This method, called lateral trimming, is approved by organizations such as the National Arbor Day Foundation. Lateral trimming helps prevent tree susceptibility to insects, fungi, disease and decay. Also, lateral trimming helps direct tree growth away from power lines – making outages less likely. Farmers RECC also improves wildlife habitats while controlling tree growth through Integrated Vegetation Management.

Farmers RECC also follows a vegetation management program utilizing herbicides when necessary. Read more about how we control brush on the Right-of-Way, by reading some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions about this program, please calll us at 270-651-2191.

If you notice a tree or branch that threatens Farmers RECC electric lines, please do not attempt to trim trees close to power lines yourself. Use the form below to request tree trimming or contact us at 270-651-2191 with any questions regarding our Right-of-Way.