Outage Viewer Explained

Our Outage Viewer is a powerful tool, designed to give members real-time outage information during power interruptions.
Below is a guide to our Outage Viewer and what each section means for our members.

*All descriptions are referencing accessing our Outage Viewer on a mobile device.*

When selecting the graph at the bottom:

  • Summary: Summary of current outage events.
  • Outage: Lists individual outages, which can be expanded to show affected streets. This area will also show the appropriate symbols from the legend for each outage, i.e. planned, verified, predicted, crew assigned. See below for an explanation of those terms.
  • Planned: Lists only planned outages, which may be a result of a pole change, or other planned work requiring an outage.
  • County: This section groups the meters that are out of power by county, provides total number from each outage, percentage of county affected, total meters per county and the number from each that has been restored.
  • Out Now: Orders the outage events to show members out now versus affected members (only available on Outage and County header tabs).
  • Affected: Orders the outage events by total members affected.
  • Map Tab Base Map: Select/deselect topography, satellite and night view overlays left to right respectively.
  • Map Tab Weather: Select/deselect no weather or weather radar overlays left to right respectively.

Map Legend Explanations

  • Verified: An outage is classified as verified when either a Farmers RECC crew member visits the location of the outage or if our Outage Management System verifies that power is out.
  • Predicted: An outage that is predicted means that our outage management system is predicting via member outage reports and monitoring systems the device is out of power.
  • Planned: An outage may be planned to allow our crews to safely perform necessary work.
  • # Meters Out: The number of meters out indicates how many meters are affected at each outage.
  • Selected: Outage Viewer users can select a specific outage for more information on that specific outage, including start time, meters impacted and streets affected.
  • Crew Assigned: This symbol indicates that a crew has been assigned to an outage. In large-scale outage situations, that may mean that a crew has been assigned to assess the damage at a particular outage OR it may mean that a crew has been assigned to make repairs and restore service.