The safety of our members and employees is our first and most important priority at Farmers RECC. 

During a power outage, stay away from fallen power lines, including telephone and cable television lines. Call us at 270-651-2191 immediately if you see downed lines. 

Keep all objects away from power lines, including ladders, antennas and kites and plant trees and shrubs away from overhead power lines and underground transformers. 

During prolonged outages, limit freezer and refrigerator door openings. A closed refrigerator will keep food chilled for 12 hours. Invest in a portable, battery operated radio to get local information and keep flashlights, extra batteries and supplies of necessary medications on hand. 

If you use a portable generator, isolate it from our lines with a double throw transfer switch. If members purchase a Generlink device, a Farmers RECC employee will visit your home to properly install the device for free. These devices ensure that the generator is properly connected to the home and protects linemen working during the outage. 

Always keep running generators outside during use.